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About Us

Who are we? A group who discovered and is still discovering the savory and rich history of Wheatland and the area. Join us!

Did you know that Johnson’s Rancho was the location of the Donner Party rescue site and included Cantonment Far West (also known as Camp Far West), the western most outpost of the U.S. Army? Camp Far West was established to protect miners and settlers from local Indians. As it turned out, it was the Indians that needed protection from the miners. 

Wheatland supported the gold rush towns of Nevada City, Grass Valley, Rough & Ready, and Smartsville by selling food and supplies to miners. In 1866 commerce increased when a rail line was built through Wheatland. Our town began to grow.

Board Members

Bart Johnson


Joe Waggershauser

Vice President

Sandy Gilbert


Tami Johnson


Kristin Tollenaar


Pat Camarena


Rick Hart

At Large